How to apply for Spanish citizenship

In this article we are going to give details on how to apply for spanish citizenship

The best and most popular way to become a citizen is through naturalisation. It might seem one of the most easy way but to acquire that you must be a residence of spain for at least 10 years.

You can also become a citizen through birth, marriage, those are easy ways to acquire citizenship.

Now let's go straight to how you can acquire spanish citizenship legally.

*Naturalisation: If you’ve lived in Spain for 10 or more years on a valid residence permit, you can apply for citizenship through Naturalisation. Example of this is if you are on a work visa.

*By Descent: You can apply for spanish citizenship by descent, if you can prove that your ancestors are spanish, and that your ancestors haven’t renounced their Spanish citizenship. If you can prove that then you can apply for a citizenship.

*Marriage: You can also apply for citizenship through marriage, if you are married to a spanish citizen. You would become eligible for Spanish citizenship after residing in Spain for at least a year.

*Investment: You can also be a citizen of spain by making a very important investment in spain. Through that you obtain a Golden visa.

How much is the cost to apply for a spanish citizenship:

Firstly the application fee is €105, then the official translations of documents and notary stamps is €60 – €100. You then make the payment for issuing a new spanish passport and that is around €30. Another important part is that you are going to pay for Spanish language courses and exam registration.

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