Interview tips: Tips for a successful interview

This article would cover tips for a successful interview. Giving a very good impression during an interview matters a lot,your attitude,poise,experience and many more matters a lot. You and the interviewer must be able to exchange mutual informations between yourself.

You must give a good impression that you are the perfect fit for that Job and you deserve it.

Now let's go straight tips for a successful interview.

*Arrive Early:

This is very important cause this is the first impression you would give the interviewer.

You should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early before the start of the interview. This really helps a lot as you would have been composed and prepared.

*Be prepared in the best was possible:

Before arriving at the venue of the interview you must be well prepared,you should have made research about the company,the history of the company pracice,common interview question,your resume should be complete and it should be a copy of the resume.

*Dress appropriately:

The way you dress would give an impression about you. You must be sure to dress appropriatly for the interview.

This matters a lot as it tends to give the interviewer a view about you.

*Good body language:

For your interview to be successful you need a good body language. You have to give the right body language,the perfect eye contact,a good posture,firm handshake,good grammer and many more.

Be sure to potray a positive body language for the interview.

*Research the company:

Know more about the company,their culture,competitors and many more. This really helps a lot cause the interviewer might want to know how you feel about their company and what you know. You can go to their website and make findings about the company.

*Watch your grammer:

During the interview,you must watch your grammer. Be able to express yourself properly. Your words should be accurate with a perfect accent.

*Be prepared for personal questions:

Be well prepared for personal questions. The interviewer might want to ask behavioral questions to assess or know how candidates handle or responds to common situations in the workplace.

Always be prepared for any question.

*Deliver good and positive answers:

During the interview,be sure to always deliver a positive answer.

Don't give a negative answer,no matter the pressure or situation you might find yourself in.

*Good Listening Skill:

During the interview you must listen very well. Maintain eye contact and listen to what the interviewer is saying.

*Wait for the interviewer to mention salary and benefits:

During the interview,don't be the one to mention salary and benefits. Make sure it is the interviewer that would make mention of it.

*Speak about what you can offer to the company:

This is a very important phase as this is where you prove and show what you can do for the organization that would bring a lot of positivity.

*Be sure to close on a positive note:

Once the interview is complete make sure you close on a positive note. Thank the interviewer for his/her time,reaffirm and express your interest in the job. Leave with a handshake and a smile on your face.


When going for an interview follow this proccess carefully and you would surely see yourself owning the Job.

Komolafe Peter Adedayo

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