Top 10 richest crypto traders in the world

Cryptocurrency has beeen in existence for a very long time and it is no doubt one of the best investment you can venture into. Many people tend to put their into crypto for returns later,and fortunatly individuals has gone on to make millions and billions from investment into crypto.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency many investments has been made into with amazing returns. Other cryptos apart from bitcoin have also made waves and made traders millionaires and billionaires.

Crypto's like ethereum,dogecoin,BNB,litecoin and many more.

This article would discuss list of top 10 richest crypto traders in the world. Let's go straight into the list.

* Changpeng Zhao:

The first on our list is the CEO of Binance,Changpeng Zhao.

Changpeng Zhao is a canadian citizen and is the richest crypyocurrency owner with an estimated net worth more than $10 billion. It is estimated by Forbes that he owns at least 70% of binance,which is the leading global platform for crypto trading. Changpeng Zhao has loved technology since an early age and it is obvious now as he has been able to make binance the leading crypto trading platform. He owns crypto coins like bitcoin,BNB and many more. Today,binance has close to 100 million users and more than 500 cryptocurrencies. He is the number one on our list for richest crypto traders in the world.

* Brian Armstrong:

The next on our list is Brian Armstrong. Brian Armstrong is a U.S citizen,the CEO and founder of coinbase.

Brian Armstrong is a recognizable figure for his plain T-shirts and bald plate. His company generated an annual revenue of $1 billion in the US economy.

Brian Armstrong estimated net worth is more than $3 billion. He is on our list as one of the richest cryptocurrency owner in the world.

* Chris Larsen:

Another crypto billioniare on our list is Chris Larsen. Chris Larsen is a U.S citizen,the co-founder and executive chairman of blockchain company "Ripple".

Chris Larsen net worth is estimated to be around $3 billion. He is one of the most successful crypto owners in the world.

He makes our Top 10 list of richest cryptocurrency owner in the world.


Winklevoss brothers:

Another crypto billioniare on our list is the Winklevoss brothers. The brothers became wealthy through BTC after the spike in bitcoin price in 2017,the brothers whoses name are Tyler and cameron Winklevoss became crypto billioniares. The invested millions into bitcoin and oversee an investment round in bitlnstant after owning a whole lot of bitcoin. They are the first crypto billioniares in the crypto eco-system following the spike in bitcoin price during the year 2017. The Winkklevoss brothers networth is $1.1 billion.

They make our list of top 10 richest cryptocurrency owner in the world.


Tim Draper:

Tim Draper is another cryptobillioniare on our list. He is a bitcoin investor and owns a lot of bitcoin. He is a billioniare who loves technology really well and is well known for his investment into bitcoin and Ethereum.

Tim Draper net worth is around $1 billion. He makes our list for top 10 richest cryptocurrency owner. *

Daniel Larimer:

Daniel larimer makes our list for top crypto billioniares. Daniel larimer is among the developers of Bitshares and steem blockchain. He story is a very inspiring one as he started out as a CEO of invictus innovation and also was a software engineer at Torc Robotics. He is a proffessional crypto developer and top list of crypto billioniares. His investment into Steemit and EOS increased his networth.

Daniel Larimer networth is $1 billion. He makes our list of top crypto billioniares.


Brad Garlinghouse:

Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO of the technology firm Ripple labs and he also makes our list of top richest crypto owners. Before becoming the CEO of ripple,he has served at a executive position at yahoo during the year 2003 and 2009. From there he served as president of consumer application at AOL during the year 2009 and 2012. His intrest into crypto gives him a spot on our top crypto list. Brad Garlinghouse networth is $10 billion. He makes our list of top crypto billioniares.


Anthony Di Lorio:

Another cryptobillioniare on our list is Anthony Di Lorio. Anthony Di Lorio is the former co-founder of Ethereum. He his a man whose love and has much intrest in Blockchain technology. He is also a business man from canada. He was the one that established the Decentral blockchain company,which as the popular jaxx wallet app. His contribution in the the creation and development of Ethereum makes him among one of the richest crypto owner. He also owns a vast amount of crypto including bitcoin.

Anthony Di Lorio networth is $2.2 billion. He makes our list of top crypto billioniares.

*Micree Zhan:

He is part of our list as one of the richest crypto owner.Micree Zhan is the creator of Bitmain Technologies. He is a famous businessman and electronic engineer. Zhan developed the most significant computer chip, which Bitcoin operators use. The Company is located in the country China and is regarded as the most commercial crypto mining firm. Zhan also worked with Bitmain until he was expelled from the board. The company majors in selling ASIC-chip miners, mainly used in China. Zhan owns a majority of Bitmain shares, and this increases his revenue and networth. Micree Zhan net worth is $4 billion. He makes our list of top crypto billioniare.


Sam Bankman-Fried:

Another crypto millioniare on our list is sam Bankman- Fried. He is one of the richest crypto owner out there. He is the founder and former CEO of FTX. He is also one of the founding partners at Alameda Research, a quantitative trading firm. Though right now he is having issues with the law but he still makes our list of rich crypto billioniare. Sam Bankman-Fried networth is $4 million. He makes our list for Rich crypto owners.

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