How to create a modern website for a business

The world has envolved and it is no longer feasible to run a business without a web presence. We are in the world of technology and most consumers turns to the internet for which product they want and need.

As a business owner,you have to be updated as well and make your business have a web presence for your consumers. Even owning just a simple and well designed website can give you a massive advantage in whatever service you are offering. You have a service/product you wish to offer to consumers,you open up a website and offer your products there. This would not only increase your sales,but would also expand your business to more customers.

The good thing about owning a website is that it has been made easy as you don't need to know coding before you can own one,and it is very easy to use.

Now let's go straight to how to create a website for your business.

• Decide what service you want to render to your customers/consumers:

This is very important as this would determine the type of consumers that would be in need of your service.

Consumers needs to know what your company is offering and if it can meet their needs. Decide your service and focus on it.

• Decide your business domain name:

After deciding what servie you choose to render,the next is deciding your business domain name. Your business domain name is one of the important features of your website.

The domain name is your URL that consumers and clients would use to access your website.

Example of this:"". The " is the domain your clients and consumers would use in accessing your website and also the website you are going to promote on social media.

While deciding your domain name,be sure to keep it short and very simple so it would be easy for your customers/consumers and client to remember when trying to access your website.

After deciding the domain name you would love to make use,you then purchase it from a domain registrar and check it availability. You can purchase popular domain like .com,.net,.site and many more. Just be sure to keep your domain name simple and easy to remember. A quick example(If the name of your brand or business is "Travellancy",you purchase a domain of your choice and register. So if you should purchase a ".com", your website URL would appear like this "").

• Get a web host:

After purchasing your domain name,the next is to get a web host.

What is the work of a web host?

A web host is a server where all data of a particular website is stored for it to be accessed at all time by the public.

Every website needs a hosting,so you have to purchase one. Though some web builder platforms offers free hosting,but be sure to know details about the web builder platform you are into.

For a standard website,you have to purchase a web host for your website,and luckily,some web host platform offers free domain to those who purchase a host plan.

• Perfect your page and get a Theme:

After purchasing a web hosting plan and also a plan,the next in line is to perfect your website for good user experience. You have to pick a perfect theme that would give a good user experience and would also be easy to use and navigate.

You create multiple pages that are in line to different aspects of your business i.e details of your business service,your products and many more.

You also have to create details page like the About us page,contact us,privacy policy and more. Also create a nice socail media handle for your website,a nice logo which would also serve as your favicon.

Also,since you are offering a service you have to set up a payment details,so when customers/consumers who are in need of your service wants to make a payment,it is made directly into your companies account.

• Publish and market your service on your website:

After creating the pages and also your payment options if needed,the next to do is to publish and market your service. You arrange your products in orderly manner. Make sure that customers are having a good user experience when navigating through your pages. Whatever links you are posting,make sure it is correct and working perfectly well.

The language of your website should also be readable by audience,also make sure that your website works,perfectly on mobile devices. Moblile devices is very important as most of leads makes use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to search for services.

• Apply SEO (search engine optimization) on your website:

This is very important in the growth of your website. Once your have published your service on your website,you have to submit your website to search engines as this would help direct leads to your website.

You submit your website to search engines like Google search engine,bings and many more. You would be able to track the performance of your website by doing that.

Also another way to apply SEO on your website is by fixing keywords into your contents on your website. Keywords is beey important as this would help in the rank of your website on search engines and would in return give you leads to your website. Also place internal and external link on your websites also. This also help in the ranking of your websites.

• Keep your site going:

You have to maintain and keep your site going. You update your website with new and fresh post about your companies products or service,make sure your sites details are also up to date,also maximize your site speed.

Maximize your site speed by making sure your website loads faster when leads are being directed to your website.

Give your visitors a good user experience and be sure to give answers to their questions.


Follow our guide line perfectly and watch your website grow. Also you have to keep your site updated with fresh contents,be professional and grow your site. Maintainace is also very important. So from time to time always maintain your website.

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