Top investment you can venture into and make money

Investment is one of the legit way of making money.

Firstly, what is investment? In simple word, investment is the action or process of investing money for profit.

Economically,we can say investment is the purchase of stocks,commodities or goods that are not consumable but are used in the future to make profit and generate wealth.

Investment means buying a financial asset with the plan that it would generate a high income in the future which can be kept or later sold at a higher price.

Investment can be the best financial gift you can give to yourself. If invested rightly, you see yourself having a whole lot of profits smiling at you.

Well as investing is a perfect way to build wealth, let's guide you on investment you can go into.

The first on the list is:

• Real Estate investment:

Real estate is one of the investment you can go into and build wealth over time.

Real estate is a very good investment you can venture into as you don't need much experience before you can venture into it.

It is really a lucrative idea when you buy and own one.

How do you make your money? Through appreciation. That is the common way of getting your profit from your investment in real estate.

Though it has a process and time, but if invested correctly profit would surely be made. Example of this: If you have a large sum of cash/money, you can choose to purchase an undervalued estate property. After purchasing, you get it repaired and then sell it to an investor. Doing this would give a higher profit than when you just paid to purchase it. Cool right? Rentage of your properties, like a home you don't live in, or property you don't use for the main while, you rent it by using mortage to invest in a tenant-ready property. Do this and see yourself accumulate wealth.

Ways you can make money investing into real estate:

* Rental properties

* House flipping

* Make money through Real estate investment groups

* Real estate investment trusts

* Go into online real estate platforms.

• Investing in Stocks:

Another investment you can go into is stock investment.

Stock investment is highly profitable if done rightly.

This is one of the keys to building long term wealth, but if you aren't patient enough, you might not see your investment being monitize.

As every business and investment comes with a risk, stocks isn't left out. You have to stay invested during the good and bad times.

You have to spend more time in the market as this would allow and increase your chance of getting dividends.

Guides on how to invest in stocks market:

* Choose how you want to invest in the stock market.

* You have to choose and get an investing account.

* Set your budget for your stock market investment.

* Invest long term: No short term investing as this would limit your chances of making profits.

* Manage your stock portfolio.

• Bank investments:

Bank investments is another investing option you can choose to go into and make a high return.

Investing in bank is in various ways, you cab build a relatively balanced portfolio by just visiting a bank to invest.

It is very easy and gives high returns in the future.

You can descide to buy and own a stake from a bank. It is called stock investment and this makes you a shareholder of that particular bank you plan investing into. The bigger your investment, the bigger your gain.

Risk might be high but the reward is more high.

When you buy a stock from a bank, it can either be a bank that gives you recurring dividends or the one that would grow in value or even both.

Apart from stock buying, there are other ways you can choose to invest in a bank in which it would give high returns in the future.

• Bonds:

Looking for an investment that would pay? Why don't you try investing in bonds.

The special part about investing in bonds is that it carries less risk. Investing in bonds comes with less risk so you have no reason to be scared of losing your money.

Let's start with what is a bond?

A bond is a fixed income instrument that represents a loan that is made by an investor to a borrower. It is usually corporate or governmental.

Bonds are mostly used to finance projects and operations by companies, governments and states.

So it is clearly a way for an organization to raise money.

Let's sight an example: You bought a 5 years $5,000 bond paying 2% interest, a company later showed intrest in your bonds, made an agreement with you and promise to pay you interest on that $5,000 every 5 months and then return your $5,000 after 5 years. Looking at this example, imagine the amount of profits/ returns you would make once interest is paid to you regularly.

Investing in bonds comes with varieties. We have the corporate bonds, municipal bonds, Treasury bonds.

You make money from bonds either by holding those bonds until their maturity date and collect interest payments on them or by selling the bonds at a higher price than you initially paid for it.

Investing in bonds can be really profitable.

• Index funds:

Another recommended investment on our list is the index funds.

Investing in the index fund can be another way of creating wealth. It is also very easy to invest in and has a low fee.

Index funds is the smartest investment one can venture into.

What is the Index fund:

Index fund is a type of mutual fund or exchange traded fund that seeks to track or match the returns of a market index.

The most well known index is the S&P 500 but there are many index funds.

Now how does the index funds works:

When you buy a percentage of shares in an index fund, you are merging your money with other investors. The money is then used to purchase a portfolio of assets that duplicates the performance of the target index.

Investors are then paid regularly through interest, dividends and capital gains.

The pretty part about investing in the index funds is that you can invest with a low fee. The cost isn't much so it is nothing to worry about.

To invest in an index fund, you would need to open a brokerage account, Roth IRA or a traditional IRA.

Once you have open and fund your account, you can then choose from different index funds you wish to invest into.

With patience and hardwork you would see yourself accumulating wealth in the nearest future.

Different investments you can choose to venture into, but our list outlined the top and better one you can invest into. Follow and read our guide carefully.

Note: Every investment comes with a reward and risk.Know the reward and risk involve in the investment you want to go into and plan carefully.

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