Top 10 successful Entrepreneurs/business owners in the world

This article is going to give details about 10 of the most successful entrepreneur/business owner,who started small and are now successful and influential.

Starting up a business isn't easy as the cost,dedication,and many more can affect the growth of a business.

Many small businesses has failed due to the fact that enough investment,dedication,time,believe wasn't putted in place.

Highlighting of this top 10 business successful business owners in the world,can give you the push and keep you going in your own small business.

(1)Bill gates:

Am sure most of you must have heard of the name Bill Gates. If you are looking for a push,motivation,then Bill Gates should be a great source of inspiration.

Bill Gates is one of the best and most successful entrepreneurs in the world .

Though he didn't finished his degree from Harvard University,that wasn't a limitation for his dreams to come to reality.

Bill Gates established the world's biggest programming firm, "Microsoft" together with his friends Paul Allen.

Bill Gates has shown that through intense dedication,hardwork and believe in yourself,you can grow any business you choose to venture into.

Bill gates is one of the Richest man in the world,with a net worth of over $100 billion.

Gates is also a philanthropist, he has donated billions of dollars to charitable causes. This makes him not only a successful man but also a great man.

(2)Jeff Bezos:

The second on our list is one of America's best business idealist "Jeff Bezos".

Jeff Bezos is the creator of Amazon, most people uses Amazon,as it is the best when it comes to customers satisfaction.

Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon which is an online dealer of books and also wide ranges and kinds of products. Jeff Bezos is an inspiration that a business started with much committment can become great if much efforts are put in place.

Jeff Bezos is also one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of over $150 billion.

(3)Elon musk:

As Elon Musk fondly says "Never stop innovations". Elon Musk is another inspiration for small business owners. Elon musk is one of the most famous entrepreneurs and currently the richest man in the world.

Elon musk owns a lot of business. He owns SpaceX which is the largest aerospace manufacturer,he is also the owner of Tesla and the boring comapny which is a tunnel construction company and X(formally called Twitter). Elon also owns an Ai-based research laboratory "Open AI".

Elon musk range of business ventures has made him one of the most influential entrepreneurs.

Elon musk Net worth is currently over $200 billion.

(4)Steve Jobs:

The brand "Apple" is very popular from the iphones to the ipads,macbooks. Well if you are curious to know the creator,he is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs established Apple computer with Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs rise to being a successful man wasn't an easyone,with so many highs and low.

His hunger and determination makes him one of the best successful entrepreneurs out there.

Jobs passed on in the year 2011 after fight with pancreatic cancer.

(5)Mark Zuckerberg:

Billions of people makes use of facebook,whatsapp and instagram monthly.

Mark Zuckerberg the creator of the very popular facebook is one of the most influential and successful entrepreneur in the world.

Mark established facebook after dropping out of school to fully focus on the site.

Ignoring the highs and lows,mark become really successful through hardwork and dedication.

Apart from facebook, mark is also the owner of whatsapp,instagram and thread.

Mark is currently worth over a $100 billion.

(6)Jack Ma:

Initially known as Ma Yun. Jack ma is a successful chinese entrepreneur.

Jack Ma is the founder of the worldwide technology conglomerate Alibaba Group. Jack Ma showed zeal to be really successful. He is an example that certificates do not determine a future.

Though qualifications on papers is very important,it would distinguish you but still mindset and skillset is important in the journey of success.

Ignoring ups and downs and putting enough dedications,Jack Ma is one of the most successful entrepreneur. He is worth over $20 billion.

(7)Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey shows that despite being a lady,you can be influential and successful. Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest and most influential woman in the world. She is a very successful entrepreneur.

Oprah Winfrey is a successful entrepreneur,as she break into an on-air book club in 1996 and launching O,the Oprah magazine in 2000. She is also the co-founder of oxygen media which is a cable television for women. She is also the creator of Oprah's Angel Network,sponsoring charitable deeds around the world.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur Oprah has also starred in films and also as a voice actress in several animated films. Oprah Winfrey net worth is over $2.5 billion.

(8)Carlos slim:

Carlos slim is a mexican entrepreneur. He is the founder of Grupo carso, a conglomerate holding company based in mexico.

Carlos slim great effort and dedication to be successful made him one of the best entrepreneurs. He is also into Education,healthcare,entertainment,technology and many more. Carlos slim is worth over $90 billion.

(9)Larry page:

The 9th on our list is larry page.

Larry page is one of the most successful entrepreneur who co-founded google with Sergey Brin.

Larry page is the CEO of Alphabet which is google parent company. Larry page has shown that through innovation and enough dedication you could grow your business to be successful. Larry page is worth over $100 billion.

(10)Aliko Dangote:

Aliko Danglte is a Nigerian business man and industrialist. He is the founder and CEO of the Dangote Group.

Aliko Dangote is an example to small business owner that if you should put in enough dedication and enough time,you can grow your business to success.

Dangote company didn't just start big, it grew over time to become the great company it became now.

Aliko Dangote is also, Africa's Richest man with a networth of over $10 billion.


Starting a business is not going to be easy as many businesses has failed due to not enough time and dedication fixed into it. But watching this people as a push and drive to grow your business would help. Fix in your time,energy,dedication and time. Doing this and you would watch your business grow to success.

Komolafe Peter Adedayo

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