How to start a blog and make money

It no longer news that blogging is one of the lucrative business you can venture into and make money. You can start a blog and build credibility for your brand and you can express yourself on your blog if you are a very good writer and wish to share with others.

Starting a good blog is not all that easy as there are things you have to put in place,strategies you have to put in place especially if you want to make money. You can create a blog,another thing is setting up a blog that would be of great use to your audience and that which you can monitize also.

This article would discuss everything you need to set up a good blog and make money through it.


• Pick your Niche

• Choose your blog name

• Select a perfect blogging platform

• Customize your website

• Create the necessary pages

• Write your first blog post and publish

• Promote your blog

• Monetize your blog

• Pick your Niche:

The first on our list is picking up a good niche. What is a niche? A niche is a topic that your blog would focus on. A niche would determine what your blog is all about and the audience you are to focus on.

A very good and strong niche can help in the growth of your blog.

Once you are about to start your blog,you can't just be writing about different topics,doing this would scatter your audience,but picking a niche (topic) would give you a loyal set of audience that would love your content and anticipate for more.

You can pick blog niches like:Travel,Finance,Lifestyle,Food,Gaming and many more.

When picking a niche also make sure that it is a niche that you are passionate about. Make sure it is a niche you have an idea about so as not to run out of contents. Also make sure it is a niche that has audience potential. What do i mean by audience potential: Make sure it is a niche that audience would be interested in and would love to relate with.

• Choose your blog name:

The next on the list is choosing your blog name. You don't just create a unique name alone,it has to be relevant to your blog or industry.

Once you have choosed your blog name,you get the domain also. Make sure the name you are picking is related to your niche,not too long and it is easy to spell and remember. Just make sure the name is proffesional and then register a domain.

What do i mean by registering a domain:This is the web address visitors need to access your website.

Example:If the name of your brand is "buzyness" you get a domain name maybe a .com,.site,.online and many more. After getting a domain your site address would be like this " That how you register a domain name.

• Select a perfect blogging platform:

This is very important as this would determine the way your website would appear.

After you have picked your perfect niche and name,you have to prepare a website for your blog.

Choosing the perfect blogging platform would play a key role in the longetivity of your blog.

There are two type of blogging platforms which are hosted and self hosted.

For the hosted platform,you don't need to purchase hosting and a sub domain name comes with the hosted while the self hosted requires you to buy a web hosting and also a domain name.

There are different blogging platforms you can choose like wordpress,blogger,Tumbir and many more. The two most used platform is wordpress and blogger. For wordpress you have to buy a web hosting and a domain name while blogger comes with a free hosting and also a sub domain. Just be sure to make more research about which platform you choose to use.

• Customize your website:

This is very important as this would show how beautiful and friendly your website would be. You get a better theme for your website,design it to your taste,paste the necessary features,and make sure it is a theme that would adapt to any screen size and would also give a faster loading time.

• Create the necessary pages:

This is very important,as this would describe what your website is all about.

This pages contains the content of your site. The most important and common pages a site should have are the:

* Home page

* The contact page

* The about page

* The privacy policy

* Home page: This is the page visitors would see when they enter your website.

* The contact page: This contain an information on how a visitor/user can contact the website owner.

* The about page: This is the page where visitors learn what the website is all about

* The privacy policy: This contains the policy of your website,your terms and conditions.

• Write your first blog post and publish:

After you have created the necessary pages,the next is to write your first blog. Make sure your post is related to your niche and it is that which would pull audience to your website.

When writing your post,make use of easy to understand language,your spellings should be perfect,add visual content,that is images to make your post more engaging,make sure your post is original and not copy and paste,make your post unique,apply SEO to your post,make sure any link you fix into your post is working properly,review and fix any errors. Once you have done everything then you publish your article.

• Promote your blog:

After you have published your first article,you have to promote it and get people to read it.

You have to promote your blog even if you have high quality contents for it to reach the right audience.

You can promote your blog on social media platform. This helps a lot as this would direct traffics back to your website.

You can create a social media handle like facebook,X (formerly known as twitter),Instagram,pinterest,Reddit. Upload your articles on those platforms and then drive the right audience into your website.

Another way you can promote your blog is to try out guest blogging. You write/create content for other websites and ask for backlinks to your blog. This is very helpful as this would rank your website really well and drive traffics to your website.

You can also promote your blog by applying SEO practices. You apply good and better keywords into your article. The right keywords can bring traffics to your website. You can also sign up for google search console. Google search console would help you to track your website's performance on Google and also let you know which keyword brings the most traffic and also which websites links to yours.

• Monetize your blog:

The last on the list is to monitize your blog. Once your blog is well established and you are recieving a considerable amount of traffic,it is time to make money off your blog.

You can make money off your blog through many ways.

You can make money through affiliate marketing,Google adsense,sponsored posts,digital and physical products and many more.


Building a successful blog takes time and a lot of patience. You have to put in the hardwork,reach your audience,grow your traffic and then monitize your blog. Follow the guide perfectly and be on the path of having a successful blog.

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