Ways to earn cryptocurrency online

This article would be talking about ways you can earn cryptocurrencies online.

There are many ways one can earn cryptocurrency online, we have numbers of websites that offers free cryptocurrency to their clikers. Some games offers you cryptocurrency as rewards for playing their games, while some offers cash or NFTs, which could be transformed into crypto.

Now let's go straight into how you can earn cryptocurrency online for free.

The first on our list is:


One of the most popular ways you can earn crypto is through airdrops. Airdrops are free distributions of cryptocurrency tokens or coins.

Airdrop is a marketing method employed by startups in the cryptocurrency space.

A new crypto which is just coming up might decide to promote and make awareness of a new token or coin by giving users little of it's coin in form of a airdrop. A small amount of the coin or token would be sent to the wallet of the active members of the block chain community for free.

To get the token you might just have to do a new thing such as, promoting it, follow the crypto project on social media, supporting the project and more.

Airdrops are good ways to earn cryptocurrency but note as some airdrops are fake...Yes, some might actually deliver you some coin but would actually end up being useless.

• Surveys:

Hoping to get free crypto online?Why don't you go for surveys.

Take some survey online and get rewarded.

We have sites and Apps that pays it users to take surveys and reward them with crypto.

However,there are many sites and app that are scams so be careful to join the legits sites and apps.

Here are some sites and app that pays it users in taking surveys :

*Feature points


*Reward 1

*Surveytime-Earn cash rewards


*Cointiply and many more


Staking is another way to get crypto online. Staking involves holding a certain number of cryptocurrency tokens in a wallet or exchange to help secure the network and earn rewards.

When you stake you won't be validating the transactions rather computers in the network would,and you can stake easily through programs at many major exchanges.

The amount you can earn through staking varies based on the platform and cryptocurrency.

So if you are looking to go into staking it is another way of earning cryptocurrency.

Tip:The best crypto for staking is the Ethereum coin.It is the most popular crypto used for staking, and binance is also a good choice.


NFT is another way you can get crypto.

You can get NFTs and then trade them for crypto

NFT is a digital artwork and really popular in the digital network.

There are many ways you can get NFTs for free.

We have many new project that offers NFT as a invite bonus to their clickers.

Other ways you can earn free NFT are:

*Try following NFT calenders.This would help you to keep track of airdrops, giveaways, new release and many more.

*You can also earn NFT on coinmarketcap.They offer the opportunities to earn free NFTs.

• Learn-To-Earn:

Learn-to-earn is another way you can earn free crypto.You are rewarded once you take an educational courses on crypto

This would be a double advantage for you as you are killing two bird with one stone, you learn and you earn.

Some platform would reward you to watch videos, take courses, answering of quiz questions and you would be rewarded.

There are many learn to earn programs.

*Coinmarket cap Earn

*Coinbase Earn

*Binance Earn

*Phemex learn and many more.


We have many ways to earn crypto online, this list would assist you with some and also how to go about it. Follow the list careful and also be careful as they are many fake crypto's out there.Follow this list and you would be guided.

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