Top cheapest cars in Nigeria and their prices

Everyone love's to own a car but not everyone can afford it.

Cars are costly commodities yes, but there are cars that are relatively cheaper.

In this century, we have cars that have been produced for both the middle class and higher class. Affordability has been made possible, though not all brands are cheap but some other brands are ok for use.

You can get a new or a used car(Mostly called tokumbo) for a cheap price, maintaince friendly and also cost of managing really good.

Now,let's go straight to top most affordable and cheapest cars in Nigeria. In this article, details about the cars and prices would also be shared.

The first on our list

•Toyota Camry:

The first on our list is the toyota camry.

This product is very popular in Nigeria. You would have come across this car most of the time on the road.

The car was manufactured by the Japanese company and distributed to various countries.

The special aspect of this car is its durability, very strong and also lasts long. The car fits in for both the low income earners and also the high income earner as the price depends on the model.

The vehicle parts are easy to get in the market and are not expensive.

Getting a toyota camry is easy but the price varies depending if it is the new or used you choose to buy. You can purchase a brand new toyota camry at the price of 3.5 million naira while for the used you can get it around 1.5 million to 1.7 million naira depending on the seller and condition of the car.

Example, the 2008 model (used) can be gotten at around 1.7 million naira or even less depending on the seller as stated earlier and condition of the car.

The toyota camry consumes less fuel unlike other cars.

This car would be highly recommended if you want to get a car with less expenses.

• Mercedes Benz C200:

This is for Benz lovers that can't afford the much expensive own.

The mercedes Benz C200 (2000-2001) price as at 2023 is less than a million Naira in Nigeria.

This car is perfect for you if you are planning to buy a car.

As it is known benz is the king of automobiles so why won't you want to own one.

Produced by the Germans, the car is known for it luxurious, strong and durability.

The price of the mercedes benz C200 is around 800 thousand naira to 1 million naira. So why won't you love to get this car.

•Lexus RX300:

If you are looking for luxury and also cheapness, i would advice you to go for the lexus RX300.

This is so cheap that you should consider buying it. This car has a neat design and would bring comfort to the owner.

The lexus RX300 is an SUV product and also one of the most famous in Nigeria. You can get this car around the range of 1 million naira(used).The price varies depending on the seller and condition of the car.

When it comes to durability, reliability and affordability this car is one of the best. Get one of this car and experience luxuary.

•Toyota Corolla:

The toyota corolla is another toyota product that is cheap and also popular.

The toyota corolla is really perfect if you wish to own a car.

The toyota corolla has different models like the toyota corolla and the corolla sport.

Like the toyota camry this car doesn't consume fuel also, it is reliable, durable and fast. Getting the parts in the market is not an issue as stated earlier it is popular among the Nigeria road.

The price of getting this car is reasonable as the latest model e.g the 2020 model can be gotten around 6 million naira(Note:It can be gotten more or less depending on the seller), while the used can be gotten within the range of 1 million naira to 3.5 million naira.

This car is recommended if you wish to get a car.

•Honda CR-V:

Looking for a cheap car with low cost of maintaince? Why don't you go for the Honda CR-V.

Also produced by the Japanese company this car is known for it durability, low-cost and also reliable. The Honda CR-V has a beautiful and strong body. The cost of maintainance is very cheap and it doesn't consume much fuel.

The car is fast, in term of beauty the Honda CR-V is one of the best, spacious cabins and many more features.

To get the used product of this car, you can get it from the range of, 1 million naira to 2.5 million naira, while the new would be around 4 million naira or even more or less depending on the seller.

This car is also highly recommended if you plan to get a car.

With this our list, this can help you in choosing a cheap car you would love to get.

Note:Prices of cars varies from time to time, but this our list would give you a price range.

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