Top Banks that offers loans to it customers in Nigeria

You might be ruminating about which bank can offer you the best loan to run your business or other things. This article would give you the answers to your questions about banks that offers loan to customers in Nigeria.

Many feels that banks don't really offer loan to individual and this have made many turn their attentions to microfinance banks, private lenders and other lending institutions.

This article would help with that, it would give insight on which banks gives loans in Nigeria today.

Due to the high rate of poverty in the country commercial banks rarely gives loans to commoners and prefer high collateral loans. Why this is done in the past is cause banks prefer the less risky and more profitable option. If you don't have an assets that fits the loan you wish to collect it won't be granted by the bank.

Well don't be scared, there is a solution today as commercial banks have found a way to fit in the lower class, middle class and high class in their system. You can now borrow with ease from banks.

Now let's go straight to top banks that gives loans in Nigeria.

The banks on our list:

(1) First bank of Nigeria:

First bank is one of the banks that offers loan to it customers. The bank has over 10 million active customer account which make's it Nigeria's premier commercial bank.

First bank offers loan to small and medium Enterprise.

Their process is fast and stress free. They also offer a platform for quick loans through the FirstEdu loan and other options which you can take advantage of as a customer. You can also take advantage of their new loan first credit which is a digital landing solution designed to offfer you quick and simple loan to fund your transactions. No documentation or collateral is needed to get the loan, as long as you have mobile phone or tablet.

(2) GT Bank :

GT bank is another top bank that offers loan to it customers. It is noted for it ease to offer loans to it customers. The exciting part about this is that you can get approval and the loan would be credited to your account within two hours. GT bank has many wide range of loans like:

• GT salary advance

• GT school fees Advance

• Quickcredit and many more

(3) Access Bank:

Access bank, the third on our lists offers wide ranges of loan to it customers. As a customer you have the opportunity to get the loan of your choice.

Access bank offers loans like:

• Personal loan

• payday loan

• Quick bucks

• Salary advance

• Advance for schoolfees and many more offers.

(4) Zenith Bank :

Zenith bank is another bank really worth considering if you need a loan from a bank.

Zenith offers a wide rane of easily accessible loans to their customers. You have the option to pick which loan fits your needs.

They offer loans like:

• Z-Woman business package(SME loan)

• MSME loans

• Education loan

• Timeless loans

• LPO finance and many more

(5) Fidelity Bank:

Are you in need of a loan, then fidelity bank got you covered.

Fidelity bank is another bank that offers ranges of loan to it customers. It is really easy for businesses and individuals to access loans on fidelity.

Fidelity offers loans like:

• Personal loans

• fast loan

• Payday loan

• Fidelity NYSC loan

• Migo loan and many more.

With many choices of the banks listed, getting a loan for you personal needs, business and more won't be an issue.

Komolafe Peter Adedayo

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