Top 5 countries to visit for tourism

Everyone loves to go on a vacation probably during their holiday or spare time.

So in this article here are the top countries that are viewed as good for tourism.

The first on our list is :

(1) Italy (capital:Rome):

Italy is a south-central European country. The country's historical cities and also it geographic beauty makes it a popular destination for more than 40 million tourist each year today. Italy has more than 60 million people residing in it. It a friendly nation also and 80% of it's populations are christians.

Top places in Italy to visit:

• Milan

• Naples

• Rome

• Florence

• Siena

(2) Spain (capital: madrid):

Spain is another beautiful country if you are intending to spend your vacation. This is also the second most visited country in Europe. Spain has beautiful place's you can descide to spend your vacation. It football league alone attracts thousands of people. It is in one of our list for perfect place for tourism.

Top places in spain to visit

• Barcelona

• Madrid

• Majorca

• Seville

• Valencia

(3) France (Capital:Paris):

If you are having issues looking for where to spend your next holiday, then france can be perfect for you. France is located in the western Europe and also one of the oldest countries. France economy is one of the world's largest as it tourism contributes to the economy also. France offers a lot of attractions to it visitors

Top places to visit in france

• paris

• Nice

• Provence

• Marseille

• Bordeaux

(4) United states (capital: Washington):

America is a very popular destination for tourist. It welcomes around 22.1 million tourists. The united states is a perfect and beautiful place to spend your holiday, as it friendly neighborhood is really captivating

Top places to visit in the united state:

• New york

• Washington, D.C

• Los Angeles

• Chicago

• San francisco

(5) Dubia (capital:United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is one of the best place for tourism. It captivating atmospehere and beautiful places is good for tourism.Dubia has numbers of beautiful skyscrapers which leave visitors amazed. It is also one of the safest cities in the world with a very low crime rate.

Top places to visit in Dubia :

• Burj Khalifa

• Dubai mall

• Dubai Aquarium & Under water zoo

• Dubai miracle garden

• Dubai Dolphinarium

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